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Russian Art Awards

The All-Russian project "Russian Art Awards" was organized at the initiative of Russian and foreign representatives of the World of Art and the art industry. The purpose of the competition is the preservation, development and promotion of Russian art. The Russian Art Award is held in the capital cities of the Russian Federation. We invite Russian and foreign artists, photographers, designers and masters of various directions who identify their work as a continuation of the great traditions of Russian and Russian art.

The Russian Art Awards is a sign of recognition for stylistic purity and adherence to great forms in Rusaian and World Arts.

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The Russian Art Award includes the following sections: painting, graphics, sculpture, photo-painting, photography, digital art.

Gold Medal named after Andrei Rublev

"Spiritual revival of society and high achievements in the visual arts".

Artists who have made a great contribution to the preservation of traditional iconography and temple architecture are awarded for their work and significant contribution to the spiritual art of Russia.


Gold medal named after Vasily Surikov

З"For the talent of visualizing historical events".

Artists who have achieved great success in visualizing pages of the great Russian history.


ЗGold Medal named after Kazimir Malevich

З"For search, experiment and innovation in art".

Artists who give new opportunities to comprehend something familiar or relevant.


Gold medal named after Vladimir Tatlin

"For the ability to think modernly and the courage to realize the most innovative ideas".

Artists are awarded for innovations and aspiration to find harmony in new technologies.


Gold medal named after Arkhip Kuindzhi

"For poetizing nature, flora and fauna".

Artists are awarded for the masterful representation of landscapes, and for their subtle, lyrical attitude to the world around them.


Gold Medal named after Mikhail Vrubel

"For understanding the world and internal life".

Artists are awarded for their talent and depth of artistic comprehension in painting, graphic arts, sculpture, decorative and monumental arts.